Useful J2Store Apps releases

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At JooMonk, we work with Global Web Agencies and we are known for adding value to their websites. Here are a few such useful extensions which would add a ton of value and make the customer's life easier.

Smart upsell for J2Store

The e-commerce world is going hot on the topic of "making the most out of your existing customers". That means a customer comes to your site, purchases a thing, and leaves with $x order value, while he can really be doing $x + something.

Just by prompting him at the right moment with the right suggestion, we can enable that! 
For eg: Asking the customer to buy a pair of matching socks when he purchases a shoe or prompting him to buy a pack of fries when he orders a burger.

This is nothing new, just the same technique used all around you every time you go purchase in any place. In your e-commerce site, you can start using this with Smart Upsell and make the most out of your existing customer, existing traffic, and existing products. Simple yet powerful.

Check out our Smart upsell plugin.


Front end order management for J2Store

We know the pain of not delegating and doing it all by yourself. If you just wanted to delegate your store handling to your employee or a new intern without letting him access to Joomla Admin, just to get access to J2Store Orders for order handling.

The idea of letting someone admin access is scary! 
Also if the user is not so smart it's difficult to educate him of the Admin and the J2 Orders section.

This is where we developed J2Store Front end order management.
You install our component and just simply create a special menu on your site.

Now, you can delegate the Order management board to anyone and they will simply start working.

Get our J2Store Front end order management for J2Store here.


Zoom integration for J2Store

Selling of Webinars, even if it's a free webinar making them purchase it for $100 and providing a free coupon makes them feel special and engaging for the webinar.

Selling is easy with J2store. Yet you got to manually send the links to the people who signup for your webinar.

With Zoom integration for J2Store. You could just connect your zoom and J2Store product. This will allow anyone purchasing the product, to automatically register in zoom.

Automate your webinar and save your time.

Get Zoom integration for J2Store here.



We love solving customer problems and adding value, saving time, and making customers' lives better.

If you got any Extension development idea or a problem that might need a technology solution. Please do schedule a free consultation call with Sasi the founder of JooMonk or post your queries at our Forum's Feedback section.