Why JooMonk LMS was Created

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know the back story of when and why the JooMonk LMS was built.

At JooMonk, we pride in solving the customers' problem. We go to extends to solve problems and get the results and solutions out.

We have a very close web agency customer in Denver colorado USA.

He brought a customer requirement. His customer was a hustler and wanted a simple solution to setup his pre-made training videos and wanted to sell them in all possible ways.

His LMS requirements were quite minimal. Just a few courses and few lessons pre-recorded videos, just some standard stuff. So it was a no-brainer to just choose some existing solution from the market and configure and set up the site.

But, at JooMonk we don't work for just solution and scope. We work with and for the people. I really wanted to know what he was selling and how he has planned his site and sales and the journey behind it. Just to make sure of the scope and requirements I decided to have a call with him.

During the call, I realized there was more to it. His sales requirement blew me, he wants a simple LMS YET a very extensive ECommerce features like membership, discounted sales, bundled discounts, special group discounts, 3 different payment options (payment gateway integrations), eCommerce funnel, Google analytics, and FB goal setups.

Within few minutes of speaking with him, I understood no solution in the Joomla LMS space offers these extensive ECommerce Features.

This is where we decided to create our own LMS because the LMS requirement from the client was Quite Simple YET eCommerce requirement was extensive. So a J2Store Integration along with it was the workable solution for him.

Then this project was executed and released. We didn't release the LMS back then. You know, we were immersed in client projects and work. Man, these web agencies who we work with love to keep us engaged because of our expertise and the way we deliver results.

Fast forward 2020 Dec, We were talking with JoomlaBuff who was also ranting about a not a proper LMS solution. All LMS solutions in the market are completely paid so his eLearning LMS theme wouldn't quite sell enough. His LMS theme idea was just an idea until we offered to release JooMonk LMS for free to the public.

Vijay Anand, from JoomlaBuff, was super excited and wanted this LMS out as fast as possible. We are very fortunate to have a new LMS extension an excellent looking theme from a Pro Joomla Theme developer like JoomlaBuff.

This made us release this LMS to the public now and even recently I was browsing around FB and found this post

One of the users in the FB group was asking about an LMS solution for Joomla. I was then really sure about hitting that Launch button to get this thing released.

The people who knew me (my present customers and the customers from the past (while in J2Store)) know how strong of a person I am and when I commit to something solid like this. This will go miles, given there are enough traction and support from the community and people around.

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