Introducing JooMonk LMS

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We at JooMonk are super excited to announce the release of an extension we have been working on for about 2 months.

You too will be excited if you are one who needs an LMS extension for Joomla for FREE ????

We decided to release the extension for free because the founder Sasi who has been in Joomla and its community for around 10 years feels like we have to give back to the community.


What can JooMonk LMS do?

JooMonk LMS comes with basic LMS features like Categories, Courses, Sections under Courses and Lessons under Sections. We can embed YouTube videos in the Lessons right now.


Attachments, Vimeo, and more

File attachment, Quiz, student profile, teacher profile, Vimeo integration, and many other basics LMS features are also planned on the future road map of JooMonk LMS


PRO version features

We have planned on the pro version features like 
Amazon S3 integration for videos
Zoom webinar integration
goto meeting webinar integration
Timely planned releases of the videos
and a bunch of other features in the PRO version.


Integration with J2Store

Your biggest problem or worry with any LMS solution in the market is a solid eCommerce part.

You are selling a course. Ok. But when you start Selling something you need a bunch of things like cart, checkout, payment integration, specialized discounts, different ways of selling like memberships/user groups based pricing, limited seats of courses to sell (stock management) and the list goes on!.

While it is not practically possible for any LMS to nail down all these features at once. Remember it is an LMS good at the LMS part and that means it lacks in the *Selling* part.

This is where a strong eCommerce platform like J2Store will help you.

J2Store comes with 100's of payment integration, 100s of Apps to make your selling as flexible and efficient as possible. And really, there are 100 ways to sell using J2Stor alone.

JooMonk LMS integrates with J2Store out of the box in the free version and it will remain like that forever :)


eLearning LMS Theme

We know you might be skeptical about a new free LMS solution, your first challenge with a convincing customer or your developer or your boss starts with the Theme and setting up of the site and the theme for the LMS.

We are also happy to announce a Theme Integration from one of our partners JoomlaBuffJoomlaBuff is the No 1 Theme developer in Theme forest with a collection of 40+ templates and 6 years in the Joomla Theme development space. They are the best in Joomla Theme development.

If you like the theme you can purchase it here and start with our LMS solution.

Thanks for trusting in us and reading this far. Please subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed on the next steps :)

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