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Why JooMonk LMS was Created

know the back story of when and why the JooMonk LMS was built.

At JooMonk, we pride in solving the customers' problem. We go to extends to solve problems and get the results and solutions out.

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Introducing JooMonk LMS

We at JooMonk are super excited to announce the release of an extension we have been working on for about 2 months.

You too will be excited if you are one who needs an LMS extension for Joomla for FREE ????

We decided to release the extension for free because the founder Sasi who has been in Joomla and its community for around 10 years feels like we have to give back to the community.

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Useful J2Store Apps releases

At JooMonk, we work with Global Web Agencies and we are known for adding value to their websites. Here are a few such useful extensions which would add a ton of value and make the customer's life easier.