Meet the direct back office of Joomla Theme Development. Most of the templates you see in the market are already our white-labeled ones.



We offer 2 types of theme development

User-Friendly Theme

  • > Built on Helix
  • > SP page builder pages
  • > Custom SP builder add-ons
  • > J2Store,k2,other 3rd party integration

Native Joomla Theme

  • > Built on T3
  • > Joomla components & modules support 
  • > J2store integration
  • > K2 integration
  • > Other 3rd party add-ons

Our Theme development process

1. Theme requirement study

We discuss with you and study your design and business requirements for the website and the theme's development.

2. XD design (UI and UX)

With Requirement Study, Reference designs and Content for the site we shall be able to design a complete new XD / Sketch design.

3. HTML conversion (SCSS,JS and HTML)

Once we do XD designs and you approve us of the designs we proceed to the HTML implemenetation of the Design.

4. Joomla Theme Skeleton

We create a Theme from the scratch with Theme framework of your choice (Helix / T3 / Joomla Native) and implement the base Theme design, icons and typography.

5. Joomla Modules & Components

We work on the functional part of the theme like Modules and components to bring the designs to real life.

6. Site Pages Design

The static pages are then built either in Page builder or in Joomla Articles + Modules based on user's choice.

7. Package and Delivery

We pack the theme as an installable and ready to install in any Joomla site. Delivery of the work files is done.

8. Documentation and Support

Document every aspect of the theme including detailed documentation and video tour of the theme setup and operations. Private ticket based Support for future support enquiries.

We build custom quality themes


Experienced professionals

A team of trained and experienced developers build the theme


Performance focused websites

Joomla site will be clutter free and faster load time


Custom-Built Modules

We custom built in-case you need a unique type of joomla module in your design


Real Working Websites

With J2Store integration and K2 integration your site will be ready for a real-world and not just a demo purpose only theme


Right Choice of Plugins

Your Joomla theme never needs a fancy slider nor a complicated set of components.We choose and build the right extensions that work in a long term


Theme skeleton 200 USD

Helix Ultimate theme base design, Layouts config, Navigation, header,mobile merge,footer etc

SP Page-builder page 150 USD

Using built-in addons available in sp builder pro, Mobile ready and CSS Design fully editable pages

Home Page 80 USD

Custom add-on for designs that is not feasible via normal sp-page builder add-ons HTML,CSS,JS will be developed and ported to SP add-on

SP builder Custom Add-ons 120 USD

Custom add-on for designs that is not feasible via normal sp-page builder add-ons HTML,CSS,JS will be developed and ported to SP add-on