Joomla Extension Development Service

50000 Joomla websites run on the extensions we have built
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Building World-Class Joomla Extensions since 2012

Build Distributed Extensions

Extension we have built are on Top 10 of Joomla Extension Directory


Native Joomla Code

We 100% use the Joomla Framework code and build our extensions the Joomla way

  • No Core Hack !
  • No Work around !
  • No Fuss !

Iterative Prototype Model

Our development style is gathering clear requirements and to mimic the extension experience with a quick prototype model. This helps our clients take quick decisions before they propose a change in requirement


Third party integrations

We have dealt with 100s of API integrations with our extensions development experience. It includes payment apis, shipment apis, inventory apis, ERP system apis, CRM apis, Marketing platforms APIs. You name it we have done it Period

Joomla extensions integrations

We know Joomla is made of excellent tools like k2, easyblog, seblod, j2store, hikashop, virtuemart. We have experience in development and Integration of each extension on the top list


Our Extension development process

1. Requirement Study

We brainstorm and understand your requirement. It works more like a consultation and requirement exploring since we know the best of Joomla extension development.


Joomla Plugins 200 USD

Creating a plugin for Joomla that will listen to any changes or events in the joomla like user creation, menu creation, article save or updates

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Joomla Module 200 to 400 USD

Create HTML CSS and Javascript of design. Convert to Joomla module and provide options and settings to configure the module

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We are specialized in J2Store apps development

Because we are the founding team of J2Store

J2Store App 300 USD

A J2Store app is a kind of Joomla plugin that can extend or modify any j2store functionalities. Like increating overall store price by 5%, restricting the cart qualitty based on shipping location

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J2Store Payment plugin 300 USD

We have built 100s of payment integrations for J2Store. But still your customer might like and use a particular payment solution and it needs a payment plugin

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J2Store Shipping plugin 300 USD

We have built 10+ of shipping integrations for J2Store. Shipping APIs are useful to get a realtime shipping charges during customer charges

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K2 plugin 300 USD

K2 items module display or it can be a k2 extra field plugin to support a new type of field

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Joomla Package Development 10 USD per hour

We can provide a complete package development like building your own Joomla extensions for a special client need. We will plan on the complete scope and task list. A breakdown of development cost will be provided before hand

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